Admin dashboard with main functions

Alerts sent by admin overview screenshot

Alerts - Alert Details
If you click on the alert you can view details

Alerts - New Alert
New Alert creation page

Kids - kids' list
Registered kids overview page

Kids - kid profile
Kid profile details

Kids - Kid profile - Adult personal data
Associated adult details

Kids - kid profile - Questionnaire
Questions and answers related to a survey created by the admin

Kids - Create questionnaire
Create questions to send to the parents

Kids - Attendance
In this page you have a general overview of all registered kids attendance, you can also export a file with all details, dates and accompanying or pick-up adults

Educators - List
In this page all added educators are summed up.

Educators - Details
Educator personal data

Educators - Shifts
Here all set-up shifts are displayed

Kids sections
Here you can organize kids sections and associate the related educators

Register Entries - Lunch
Here you can organize your kindergarten lunch meals

Register Entries - Communications
Here you can preset messages, available in educators'section, in order to speed up message sendings to parents

Invoicing - Documents' List
Here you can check invoices, receipts, or credit notes, duplicate, send, modify them or register the paid amount

Invoicing - Settings
Here you can set all options to be recalled when you create an invoice. Logo, payment terms, VAT rates, fixed or variable services to be invoiced

Invoicing - Create Document
Here you can create an invoice, a receipt or a credit note. All fields can be customized. It's better to customize all settings'entries in order to enhance the document creation.

Here you can manage all your kindergarten data, in addition to the profile picture and password.

Dashboard - Educator
Educator dashboard with all details about kids, supplies'requests and weekly shifts.

Kids's List
All kids associated to the educator will be displayed in this section, with all related personal data, families with phone numbers, health information details and questionnaire

Kid profile Detail
Detail of a kid profile with personal data, related families with phone numbers, health information details and questionnaire

Here all activities registered on the journal by educators are summed up, concerning every kid (ex. attendance, lunch, snack, multimedia, potty, nap etc..). Every item can be modified or removed.

Register - Attendance
Here the educator can take note of kids attendance, entry and exit time, present adults.

Register - Activities
Here you can save activities on the journal.

Register - Lunch
In this section you can take note of all lunch meals with related quantities and optional details to be associated to every kid

Register - Snack
In this section you can take note of all lunch meals with related quantities and optional details to be associated to every kid

Register - Nap
In this section educators can take note on the journal of kids' naps.

Register - Potty
In this section educators can take note of all details about kid's potty needs.

Register - Pictures
From this section you can upload pictures on the kids'journal and use image effects and tags.

Register - Communications
Educators will be able to select options (if correctly set up by the admin) in order to send requests for supplies to families. (ex. we ran out of diapers, tissues etc.)

Dashboard - Family
Parents can gain access to their profiles both from pc and smartphone. In the family Dashboard there's access to the journal, the kindergarten info and a summary of all recently received messages.

Here you can take a look to the journal and gain access to all additional info about associated adults and fill in the questionnaire.

Smartphone - dashboard
You will have the same functions on your smartphone with access to the journal, kindergarten info and summary of all recently received messages.

Smartphone - Dashboard - messages
Summary of all last messages sent to the parents

Smartphone - Journal
Journal is available for parents on smartphone too

Smartphone - Questionnaire
Parents will be able to answer questions on their smartphone too

Smartphone - Side menu
All functions will be available both on pc and smartphone.